About us

We are a citizens’ initiative for better cycling infrastructure in Frankfurt. We belong to no party and no club.
Our vision: Every person should have the opportunity to ride by bike safely, quickly and without fear through Frankfurt.


Official representatives of the citizens’ petition are:

Cycling in Frankfurt should become a mass movement. What that means for the climate, the health and the quality of life of the citizens of Frankfurt is immeasurable.

Dr. med. Norbert Szep

Specialist in General Medicine

New ways arise from being walked; or even better driven by bicycle!

Heiko Nickel

I am in favor of the Radentscheid because the bike should finally get the same priority in the planning as the car. Modern and sustainable mobility can only work with a bicycle, especially in a big city like Frankfurt.

Alexander Breit

Urban Planner

In the background is a strong team, including:

I want cycling in Frankfurt to be more comfortable and safer.

Dr. med. Kirstin Obert


I am committed to ensuring that my hometown of Frankfurt am Main is not only always loveable and liveable, but also more sustainable.

Michael Ströder


I support the Radentscheid because the bike is a great means of locomotion, which occupies too little space in Frankfurt.

Angela Carstensen


I expect from the Radentscheid a rethinking in the urban society of the automobiles towards more healthy locomotion.

Günter Tatara


57 per cent of the kilometers traveled by car in Frankfurt are commuter traffic, and many people are increasingly suffering from the bad air in the city. Therefore, it is time that we finally make the switch to more environmentally friendly means of transport, such as cycling and public transport, more attractive.

Mane Stelzer

I want children to be able to cycle safely through Frankfurt and conquer the city on their own.

Peter Josiger

Musician Oper Frankfurt

Cycling is joie de vivre! Even older people, children and occasional cyclists should be able to cycle safely on our roads. I am committed to providing space for pedestrians and cyclists.

Gesche Oppermann

Head of a Retirement Center

If the demands of the Radentscheid are implemented, this is another big step towards a significantly higher quality of stay and life in our city!

Otto Gebhardt


Exhaust-free, fast, healthy – the bicycle is the perfect means of transport in the city. With better bike paths a lot more people would try it out!

Jonas Korenke

PhD Student

I want to see many, many more cyclists in the city on the streets as soon as possible!

Wolfgang Hepp


In many places in Frankfurt at the moment is cycles safely, who confidently takes his space on the street and can not be intimidated. Mobility for all needs a different infrastructure.

Jens Breit

Software Developer

I would like to see a city in which everyone likes to use environmentally friendly means of transport such as public transport and bicycle in everyday life.


Software Developer

I support the Radentscheid because Frankfurt, with determined steps towards safer cycling, will become even more attractive and liveable for guests, residents and businesses with sustainable mobility.

Tobias Strößenreuther


The Radentscheid is important because there is no way but the traffic turnaround.

Kai Röth

PhD Student

I support the Radentscheid because the bike is the best means of transport, especially for city traffic, and I want a bike friendlier Frankfurt.

Tobias Kienlein


… and many more!


March 8, 2018

The Radentscheid becomes public: The first press conference takes place. Website and social media channels are activated.

Ready to go!

April 4, 2018

Kick off – Start of petition collection

The golden bicycle and the demands are placed in front of the Römer (Frankfurt Town Hall).

April 4 - June 26, 2018

Signatures are collected at more than 100 collection points, at festivals, fairs and other events.

Hundreds of volunteers support the Radentscheid!

May 25, 2018

Under the motto “Radfahrer gehen unter in Frankfurt” some daredevils ride their bikes in the Main.

They are saved by the Radentscheid.

Juni 15, 2018

Großer Radcorso – Big bike parade

Hundreds of cyclists of all ages drive through the city in a parade and reaffirm their demand for more safety in cycling.

Juli 6, 2018

We hand over 35,317 signatures to the electoral office.

August 23, 2018

The petition for the referendum is officially ended with the transfer of demands to traffic department Klaus Oesterling (SPD) at the Römer.

Meanwhile, 40,000 signatures have come together.

September 30, 2018

“Mahnkorso” – Hundreds of Frankfurt cyclists commemorated the cyclists killed in August. Ghostbikes were set up in three places. More information: www.ghostbike-ffm.de

January 18, 2019

Pop-up bike path

Since the Radentscheid for months has received no feedback from the magistrate on the status of the citizens’ petition, we are impatient and temporarily build a protected bike path in the Gallusanlage.

January 27, 2019

Demo against the rumored rejection of the Radentscheid

Despite pouring rain and temperatures in the low single-digit range, nearly 600 people of all ages demonstrate against a rejection of the Radentscheid. The bicycles are symbolically pushed from the Alte Oper to the Römer.

February 19, 2019

Ghostbike vigil

6 cyclists were killed in 2018 in Frankfurt traffic. In front of the Römer all Ghostbikes are set up and remind of the dead.

We appeal to city councilors to finally increase security.

Press Review

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25.11.2021FRRadentscheid-Sprecher: "Gastronomie und Handel profitieren von der Umgestaltung"
25.11.2021FRFrankfurt: Roter Radweg in Sachsenhausen
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