Our Demands

What should the City of Frankfurt do for bicycle traffic? These are the demands we made in our petition for a referendum (The German version is legally binding):

1. Safe bike lanes for everyone, including our children and the elderly

On roads with a control speed of at least 30 km/h, the City of Frankfurt will continually construct new bike lanes and reconstruct existing bike lanes, to an extent of at least 15 kilometres per year. All bike lanes will be constructed:

  • significantly wider
  • uniform
  • without dips
  • with a surface that facilitates cycling comfort
  • without interruptions or gaps
  • structurally separate from other forms of traffic
  • effectively free of motor vehicles through structural measures
  • without impeding local transport or pedestrians. 
2. Cycling-friendly side streets for better traffic-safety

Every year, the City of Frankfurt will reshape at least 5 kilometres of suitable side streets to make them more attractive for cycling traffic. This especially concerns schools and day care centres, residential areas and areas with dense traffic.

3. Continuous inner-city bike routes

Every year, the City of Frankfurt will develop at least 5 kilometres of inner-city bike routes, with the following characteristics:

  • if possible, they shall be at least 2.30 metres wide, in both directions
  • they will be interruption-free
  • their surface facilitates cycling comfort and is painted red
  • there will be connections to local cycling routes
  • they will take into account commuting cycling traffic

Priority will be given to the development of such bike routes on the city ring road on the existing roadway.

4. Intersections become safer for cyclists and pedestrians
5. More parking spaces for bicycles

Every year, the City of Frankfurt will construct at least 2,000 additional parking spaces for bicycles

  • close to public transport stops
  • need-based
  • roofed, when possible
  • theft-proof
  • ideally combined with facilities and services such as compressed air and battery charging stations.
6. Priority for a bicycle-friendly traffic policy
7. Campaign for the Frankfurt Bicycle Metropolis