Kidical Mass Frankfurt

Der Kinder-Fahrrad-Korso


We would like to make a tour with you through Frankfurt.


Because we love cycling.
Because we want a city in which children and young people can move safely, independently and freely.
Because we think: Children also own the street!

Mobility is a fundamental right – for big and small people.

When and Where?

Sun 22 March, 3.30 p.m. (destination: Mainkai)

Sun 17 May, 3.30 p.m. (destination: Mainkai)

Sun 23 August, 3:30 p.m. (destination: Rebstockpark)

Fri 30 October, 3.30 p.m. (destination: Mainkai)

The start is always at the car-free Mainkai



We will cycle around 1 hour in a child-friendly pace through Frankfurt. Anyone who can ride a bike is allowed to come. Parents may be brought. Start is in front of the Alte Oper, each destination is another beautiful park. There you can enjoy the rest of the Sunday.

The “Kidical Mass” is registered as a demonstration. The police supports us, secure the paths and accompanies the event.




Based on the Critical Mass, with which millions of cyclists in thousands of cities around the world refer to their needs every month, we want to draw attention to the kids with the Kidical Mass.

Today, children are severely restricted in their freedom of movement in big cities. There is much more space for cars than for children. The infrastructure neglects the needs of the youngest road users. It does not have to stay like this!

We are committed to ensuring that every person, whether 8 or 108 years old, gets the infrastructure he or she needs.

With the Kidical Mass, we want to raise awareness among children and adults about the fair distribution of public space.

Questions, suggestions and feedback on the Kidical Mass: