Why Frankfurt needs the Radentscheid

… and everyone will benefit.

Where we stand

… and why 40,000 signatures are only the beginning.

What cyclists are interested in

… and how the traffic turnaround can succeed.


What is the Radentscheid?

We have started a citizens’ initiative for better cycling infrastructure in Frankfurt. We are not part of a political party or an association. We hope that the cycling referendum will improve the quality of life of all citizens of Frankfurt and make our city even more worth living!

What is our goal?

Our vision is the following: people of all ages and abilities should have the opportunity to cycle in Frankfurt safely, swiftly and without fear. That requires a forward-looking traffic policy, good bike paths and safely designed roads.


How do we want to achieve this?

We want to bring about a referendum. This means that all citizens of Frankfurt that are entitled to vote can decide whether or not they agree with our demands. It is preceded by a petition: At least 3% of eligible voters (in Frankfurt this equals just over 15,000) have to sign a petition to bring about the referendum. We have surpassed this requirement by gathering 40,000 signatures!


What happens next?

The electoral office has confirmed that enough valid signatures were submitted. The legal department will now check whether there are any legal reasons that conflict with the petition. Based on this, the magistrate will make a recommendation to the city council. The city council can either accept our demands in their entirety or reject them. In the latter case a referendum will be held. The schedule for these steps is still open.

RadBlog (in German)  & News

Let us know what you think about Schweizer Straße!

We call on all interested citizens to participate in the redesign of Schweizer Straße, organised by the municipality of Frankfurt am Main. We are very happy that the municipal administration and parliament decided to design this process so transparently. The action week from November 7th to 12th, the evening event on November 8th at 6.30 pm in Freiherr-vom-Stein-Schule and the online survey starting on November 1st will reach a wide audience.

We invite you to Park(ing) Day!

Celebrate with us! We kindly invite you to this years Park(ing) Day, on Saturday, September 17th, from 10am to 5pm, on Berger Straße, in front of houses 62-66. There, for one day we will use the parking spots for something new and more beautiful. Park(ing) Day is an...

Over 70.000 signatures! Congratulations to Verkehrswende Hessen!

Up to 12,000 cyclists* were part of our ride on the A66 from Frankfurt to Wiesbaden on Sunday, August 29th where we transported the over 70.000 signatures that “Verkehrswende Hessen” has collected. In Wiesbaden the group presented the signatures to Tarek Al-Wazir, the...

That was the Ride of Silence 2022

After 2009 and 2014, 2021 was one of the few years without a deadly accident involving a cyclist. Despite the many measures taken by the city though, there were still many hurt people, some badly.

The first “Frankfurt Cycling Street”!

The city redesigned Oeder Weg because it was included in the resolution „Fahrradstadt Frankfurt am Main“ from 2019. We negotiated this resolution with the city in 2019, carried by the almost 40,000 signatures we had collected from you back then.
We want to have Oeder Weg redesigned because it plays two important roles. On the one hand it is an attractive route for cyclists going north or south, as an alternative to the main streets Friedberger or Eschersheimer Landstraße. On the other hand it’s an important shopping street for the Nordend, with many small shops, cafés and restaurants.

SPD Frankfurt fully supports the demands of the Radentscheid

After the Grüne already showed solidarity in March 2018 with the demands of the Radentscheid, this has now been declared by the SPD Frankfurt. Planning department head Mike Josef "… was impressed by the commitment and professionalism of the people involved in the...

Radschnellwege in and around Frankfurt – motivation from southern Lower Saxony

Ob durch die Diskussionen um das Dieselfahrverbot und deren Folgen, den Radentscheid Frankfurt für eine bessere Fahrradinfrastruktur mit über 40.000 Unterschriften, innovative Zukunftsvisionen zur Stadtentwicklung - wie bei der erst kürzlich beendeten Ausstellung...

UPDATE: Magistrat invites Radentscheid to talks

The Frankfurt government parties have invited representatives of the Radentscheid for talks. In several rounds lasting until March, solutions are sought. On Radentscheid side take the three chairmen, on magistrate side Klaus Oesterling (SPD) Martin Daum (CDU) and...

So schnell geht uns die Luft nicht aus! – This was the Radentscheid demo on January 27, 2019

More than 550 people braved the icy-wet weather in Frankfurt on January 27th. That had its reasons: The magistrate wants to reject the Radentscheid. But the Frankfurters can not be discouraged that easily! 40,000 people signed up last year for a better bicycle...

Bike right from the start – living and cycling

What does it take for the bicycle to be the center of a new urban mobility system? Vision: Der öffentliche Raum ist voll auf das Fahrrad ausgerichtetWir stellen uns eine hoffentlich nicht so ferne Zukunft vor: In der Stadt Frankfurt gibt es ein hevorragendes,...


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