After the Grüne already showed solidarity in March 2018 with the demands of the Radentscheid, this has now been declared by the SPD Frankfurt.

Planning department head Mike Josef “… was impressed by the commitment and professionalism of the people involved in the Radentscheid, and the plans presented are a very good basis for the political decision-making process,” according to the press release of the SPD. Department of Transportation Klaus Oesterling has the full support to implement the demands of the Radentscheids politically.

We expect the words to be followed by action.

The Frankfurt CDU made it known that it has objections also for economic reasons. The retail trade relies on the car. A new study by the business magazine Forbes comes to other conclusions: In Madrid, the retail sales increased by almost 10% since the city center is car-free.

Who does not promote alternatives to the car, harms the economy.

Pressemitteilung der SPD (21. März 2019)

Pressemitteilung der Grünen (3. Juli 2018)

Studie des Wirtschaftmagazins Forbes zur Wirtschaftsleistung in Madrid