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Here you will find everything about the Radentscheid Frankfurt in the future – just have a look!

  • On the page “Updates” you can quickly find out what the current status of the Radentscheid in Frankfurt is. Here we publish statements and comments on progress! In addition, here are linked articles of our RadBlog. This is also where guest authors write on relevant topics. You will also find a calendar with current events, promotions and more!
  • On the page “Why?” we explain why the Radentscheid is a good thing for Frankfurt. In doing so, we show in a very concrete way why more cycling is good for everyone and society as a whole. We also explain why no more Frankfurters are cycling (Teaser: it has something to do with infrastructure) and give answers to the most frequently asked questions.
  • Under Demands you can see the wording of the petition. The justification for the individual measures is shown once again in a pdf document.
  • “About Us” will tell you more when you move to the next page. The confidants of the Radentscheid, other members of our team and a chronicle of the previous actions can be found here. We also linked press reports here and show who supports the Radentscheid Frankfurt.
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